idk how there are ppl who think wolverine has been alive for like two hundred years and never once sucked a dick

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bro i love you so much bro you’re so important to me bro. bro i wanna spend my life with you. bro i love ur eyes but not in a gay way bro. bro do you wanna marry me by the ocean and remember that as the most important day of our lives as we grow old together and make each other as happy as possible no homo

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three very active teenage degus on the run

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i’m released from school at 1pm tomorrow so you have my word that’s gonna be the first thing i do when i get home x)

hönhönhön ( ˘◡˘ )

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people who will hurt you if you have negative opinions about jane and/or darcy:

  • me
  • thor
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shi-butt-ani replied to your post: “shi-butt-ani i tried to respond to that but the mental image…”:

i actually felt really smart when i came up with this .u. and i want to draw it reaaaaaaally bad (which i’d do now if i hadn’t school tomorrow) and i got a little notification bc you mentioned me wow that’s so cool :O

draw the thiiing when you have time/energy :D

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The incredible chest hair of the Incredible Hercules

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shi-butt-ani i tried to respond to that but the mental image of baguette-fencing fights over seats in the metro has me laughing too much

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X-Men #013

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I just wanted to draw ults Thor in that hippie shirt really

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So far, I have been enjoying the Adventures of Business Cat a great deal, possibly more than is appropriate for an adult human. (All of these are from the webcomic Happy Jar)

UPDATE: Now with more Business.


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did you know that an average finn drinks 4.7 cups of coffee a day HAHA i’m still under average

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